UFO video that hit Japan with its size and shape appeared on the Web

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UFO video that hit Japan with its size and shape appeared on the Web

Fans of the press, following the news related exclusively to the appearance of the so-called "flying saucers", have long been accustomed to the fact that these objects often have an effect in the United States of America, however, from time to time this tradition, so to speak, is a thing of the past . Another proof of this conclusion can be called the recent incident in Japan, in particular, it was there that this time an alleged alien spacecraft was filmed on camera.

The media, of course, does not so often write about such phenomena in the airspace of the Land of the Rising Sun, but a fresh case was not only unexpected for the whole world, but also incredibly popular on the World Wide Web. The amazing emergence of a striking form simply fascinated Internet thinkers, who immediately began to “suck up” the actual topic.

In the meantime, the followers who are divided into skeptics and their opponents are trying to understand what actually turned out to be in the Japanese sky, experts who have spent many years studying similar incidents have already reported that the past event has become almost the strangest in Japan lately, though In this country, paranormal incidents seem to be the norm.

The unusual case was recorded by a local resident of Takamatsu, the administrative center of Kagawa Prefecture on the island of Shikoku and a major port on the Inland Sea. In this case, something truly incredible would not fall into the frame of the Japanese, do not take it with a mobile device while walking in the deepest night.

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At some point, the young man became interested in a strange heavenly education. An incomprehensible object of bizarre form interested him, and therefore the guy decided to turn on the camera of the smartphone. The phenomenon seemed very bright, shining and resembled a rhombus.

By the way, the author of an interesting material would hardly be able to shoot this UFO if it didn’t have a striking shape. As the content creator said, he had already seen remarkable celestial lights before, so it’s not so easy to surprise him with such things.

As you can see on the video that the Japanese have posted on YouTube, an amusing phenomenon, moving erratically in the sky, is constantly changing color. At a certain point, it seems that an unidentified object is pale green, but after a few seconds, this shade changes to a mauve color, and then an electrician is visible. Among other things, the form of education also changed more than once, and this is also clearly seen in the video.

Initially, the UFO was rhombic, but very soon it turned into an ordinary blurred spot, shining with rainbow colors. But the story did not end there: the supposed cosmic “guest” suddenly turned into a small point, disappeared and reappeared, only in a different place of the sky. It is worth noting that the recent actions of a possible alien vessel have become especially attractive for ufologists involved in this event.

According to the video creator himself, an alien spacecraft appeared in the sky above Takamatsu, and he even tried to explain how the central city of the country attracted them. According to an eyewitness, representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization are passionate about not only the city itself, but Japan as a whole, since it is developing incredibly fast, and it is the technical progress that will captivate the newcomers.

Ufologists, in turn, suggested that the frame could get more than one aircraft of an extraterrestrial assembly, but several. Such a hypothesis originated in alternative scientists due to the disappearance of a UFO and its appearance at another point in the sky. It is possible that the reappearance is associated with another unidentified object.

In addition, it exists among experts on such matters and the opinion that the “flying saucer” was still alone, simply showed that it can teleport – change its hypothetical coordinates so that its trajectory cannot be described by a mathematically continuous function of time.

As for skeptics, they, as always, had no desire to believe in the existence of the inhabitants of other planets. Many of them said that the video provided by a resident of Takamatsu, once the experts recognized it as genuine, is connected with natural mysteries. In particular, lovers of the most undeniable added a common refraction of light in the night sky, which is due to the encounters of cold and warm air.

Someone from the adherents of the traditional mindset decided that the guy had filmed the still poorly studied type of ball lightning. There were, of course, those who still did not believe the researchers and called the video the next fruit of a special computer program, with which modern people can create not only UFOs above the city, but also Godzilla directly in the city.

Shocking incident with shot down UFO by Japanese bombers

It is no secret that unidentified flying objects in Japan not only appear there often, although they do not often write about such cases in the Russian press, but also cause damage to the inhabitants of this country, in particular, to the military. The most striking incident of this kind occurred in the fall of 1998, when three Mitsubishi F-1 fighters were immediately attacked and destroyed by incomprehensible celestial "wanderers." The incredible air clash still harbors a lot of mysteries, which no one has yet been able to solve.

UFO video that hit Japan with its size and shape appeared on the web "typeof =" foaf: Image

It is only known that not so long ago an exclusive audio recording of one of the pilots who died that day fell into the hands of journalists. The pilot, who was then at the helm of a warship, managed to inform the dispatcher that a luminous UFO was flying toward him at high speed. After that, the connection was lost. The remaining two pilots did not have time to report. Soon only pieces of the fighter were found. The bodies of the dead pilots could not be found.

It is also worth noting that the destruction of the three Mitsubishi F-1 happened over the "Devil's Sea", which, according to rumors, is guarded by evil spirits. Ufologists also have a version that aliens have long ago created a city under this sea.