UFO videos, first flown so close to people in Mexico today, appeared on the web and dumbfounded the public.

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UFO videos, first flown so close to people in Mexico today, appeared on the web and dumbfounded the public.

Prospective alien spacecraft have always been frequent "guests" in the airspace of Mexico, however, such an abundant appearance of UFOs, which local residents of Rosarito located on the coast of Rosarito noticed and captured on video today, is extremely rare, or for the first time. The eyewitnesses were amazed at the size of several unidentified celestial objects at once, as well as the incredibly close distance from which the mysterious events could be removed to a mobile device.

At the moment, Internet users are actively discussing an unprecedented incident, and alternative scientific luminaries, in turn, have even suggested that the invasion of alien ships was the cause of the not so long-raged hurricane Sergio and extremely high waves in the Pacific Ocean. Some seriously suggested that the aliens began to storm our planet, starting with Mexico.

The video with the mysterious incident is on YouTube today. You can easily see three unidentified objects in it, at the edges of which large searchlights are shining. The UFOs seem to be frozen in the air and are relatively close to the camera. At the same time, web thinkers were somewhat discouraged by the fact that they did not move at all, from which they had to make a fair conclusion that this story could be connected with the ordinary masts of ships located near the coast, or the lanterns of a football stadium.

By the way, lovers of hypotheses related to UFOs and other riddles were quick to remind that Rosarito is considered to be a very small settlement, therefore nothing like this can be found on its territory. Fans of extreme accuracy even studied the map of the city with the help of the corresponding application from Google.

Some supporters of conspiracy, in turn, recalled the strange behavior of US President Donald Trump, who unexpectedly began to force soldiers to the Mexican border. According to the head of the White House, such measures are necessary because of the undesirable flow of immigrants, but ufologists believe otherwise. Among researchers there is a perception that the American leader, who has not once spoken about his UFO interest, is already directly fighting off representatives of a foreign civilization. The government, of course, did not respond to such an attack by non-traditional scientists.

Other UFO videos from Mexico

Most recently, the Mexicans had to record unidentified flying objects on camera. At the beginning of this month they had the opportunity to photograph a possible alien vessel of amazing shape. The phenomenon resembled a flat cobblestone of white color. About him said the famous expert on all sorts of mysteries from Taiwan, Scott Waring. After this no less remarkable appearance was seen near the Gulf of Mexico. A series of strange events led the citizens of this country to think about the imminent seizure of the Earth by the inhabitants of other planets. Both times the objects fell on the video and were posted on the Internet.