Ufologist discovered on the surface of the moon a humanoid

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Ufologist discovered on the surface of the moon a humanoid

The famous ufologist Streetcap1, who posted a large number of entertaining videos on his YouTube channel discussing the topic of extraterrestrial life, again found something strange among the rocky formations of the moon. The alien hunter decided to share his discovery with people.

Studying photographs of the surface of the Earth’s satellite, an independent specialist drew attention to a strange figure that closely resembles a humanoid. It is noteworthy that in the photograph taken from a different angle, this body is already absent.

Based on a new find, Streetcap1 recorded a video that it posted on the Internet. Like all previous works of the ufologist, the current one aroused great interest among subscribers. Skeptics believe that for the humanoid, the author of the video took a simple stone, which turned out to be a little unusual shape. Such a statement has a right to exist, but how then to explain the fact that the object disappeared in frames from a different angle?

Streetcap1 fans are sure that in this case there is no place for the effect of pareidolia when the human eye sees something else in natural formations, and the video recording is proof that intelligent creatures that hide are living on the moon.