Ufologist filmed as three UFOs landed in "Zone 51"

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Ufologist filmed as three UFOs landed in "Zone 51"

North America, which is already rich in stories related to the emergence of unidentified celestial objects, may likely soon become a "flying saucer" training ground. At least, such a conclusion suggests itself from the new material that appeared on YouTube a few days ago. In the video, the author of which was an employee of the ufological center, you can notice three strange "saucers". According to the expert, alien ships landed in the desert Mojave, Nevada. It is worth noting that this is where the secret military base known as “Zone 51” is located, where, according to rumors, the spacecraft lined by the American military created by the aliens are stored.

According to the UFO specialist, the aliens, who have long been interested in the American base, decided to learn more about it, and therefore landed. However, from the plane from which the survey was taken, it was impossible to say exactly how far from the ground they were. The author of the video does not exclude that the UFOs just hung very low above the Edwards military unit, and without thinking to land there. However, skeptics are in no hurry to believe in the existence of "green men" this time, assuming that the disk-shaped plates on the video are ordinary buildings, of which there are many in "Zone 51". However, the ufologist is sure that it was aliens who made themselves known.

Recently, the secret military center is often discussed in the media because of the mysterious events taking place on its territory, and most often the reason for this is unidentified flying objects that make themselves known where it is strictly forbidden. But sometimes unconventional cases are also made public. For example, about a month ago, a photograph appeared on the World Wide Web, which clearly shows how some huge creature with long tentacles crawls out of a hole in the soil of “Zone 51”. After that, many began to say that the military of the United States of America conducted experiments on an alien “guest” that he did not like much, and now this monster walks free and can be anywhere in the continent.