Ufologists: Alien ships are rapidly leaving Earth, fearing something

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Ufologists: Alien ships are rapidly leaving Earth, fearing something

Ufologists from the United States believe that alien spacecraft began to leave our planet. To date, according to observations, their number has stopped at the mark that took place in the 90s of the last century.

Employees of the organization National UFO Reporting Center note that the peak of UFO activity occurred in 2015, and then began a period of rapid decline. The question of why this happens is rather ambiguous, but there is an assumption that these data are falsifications, carried out in order to reassure the public.

Nevertheless, many ufologists agree with the assertion that aliens hastily leave the Earth, and the reason is a terrible event, which will inevitably happen soon. This may be some kind of global climatic disaster, which will destroy all life on the planet, or an enemy invasion of an extraterrestrial civilization, during which a bloody battle will take place, and humanity will not be able to survive.

Qualified specialists, however, consider ufology a pseudoscience and treat the mind-blowing versions of conspiracy theorists with irony. Recall that to date, traces of the existence of other forms of developed life have not been found anywhere, although searches have been conducted for a long time and persistently.