Ufologists called the place where the underwater bases of aliens are located

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Ufologists called the place where the underwater bases of aliens are located

Ufologists say that it is not at all necessary to follow the sky and explore other planets to find evidence for the existence of aliens. The newcomers have long lived on Earth, in particular in the waters of the seas and oceans. Experts called the place where there may be underwater bases of humanoids.

Interestingly, the first mention of meetings with newcomers among the water surface dates back to another 15th century. The great Spanish navigator, Christopher Columbus, during one of his travels, faced a similar one and was shocked. As he said, in the depth there was an object with a pulsating glow, due to which it was clearly visible. After some time, a UFO jumped out of the water and was already moving through the air. Then the public perceived the words of Columbus with irony, finding that the researcher of distant lands simply fantasizes.

The main quality of alien bases should be stealth, which is why they are built in hard-to-reach places – in the lands of permafrost or under the ocean waters. Thus, aliens can more or less calmly go about their business without attracting the attention of a large number of people.

In South America there is a lake called Titicaca, located on the border of Bolivia and Peru. The reservoir is known for numerous UFO appearances, and the locals worship this place as sacred, regularly presenting all kinds of gifts to the shores. It is believed that there is a rather old alien base, functioning today.

Also, a lot of noise made a place off the coast of Wales (United Kingdom), where in 1974 people saw a lot of UFOs that floated in the air and also submerged in water.

Probably, in the area of ​​the Kuril Islands (Russia) there is also an alien base. In 1972, a strange incident occurred there, which the best minds of Russia still cannot understand. One fine day a flying ball-shaped object hung over the cruiser, but after a while it changed shape, becoming more like a cone. UFO at high speed rushed to the water, where he disappeared.

Not very calm in this regard and in the city chosen by Hollywood stars Malibu, located on the Pacific coast. There are cases that the inhabitants of this locality observe mysterious UFOs in the sky, and sometimes even go to the police about this, as they experience an overwhelming fear and panic of the unknown.

In the community of ufologists, the underwater corridor of New Zealand is often mentioned. Locals have said many times that they have seen aircraft that are clearly owned by aliens. Alien hunters believe that the whole part of the North Island is a huge humanoid base, built a long time ago.

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