Ufologists shocked by a photo of an alien in Michigan

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Ufologists shocked by a photo of an alien in Michigan

As is known, in the United States of America, the alleged representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization make themselves felt more often than in all other countries taken together. However, if Americans have long been accustomed to the everyday appearances of their saucer-like space ships, then even experienced researchers involved in similar stories are not always ready for unexpected visits by the newcomers themselves. One of these particularly noteworthy incidents occurred in Michigan, when several avid hunters went into the forest to do their favorite thing.

On the camera of one of the shooters, a strange animal was pleased, which, according to ufologists, was a creature from another planet. Internet thinkers, divided into skeptics and their opponents, have already begun to discuss the mysterious incident and make their assumptions on this matter.

What is interesting, according to the hunters who witnessed the amusing incident, on the day of the strange arrangement of things they had the idea to find a snowman. At the same time, some alternative scientific luminaries are sure that it was the Yeti who was famous for the legends and still not included in the list of animals recognized by official scientists that got into the frame.

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As a witness told an unexpected turn of events Marko Landau, at some point a deer was in front of him, in connection with which the young man turned on the camera of his mobile device. After taking a few pictures and not checking them right away, the man, like his friends, continued to explore the wildlife of the depths of the local forest.

Only after returning home, Marco decided to check the quality of the photos by downloading them to a computer. At the same moment, a real horror gripped the guy, because one of the pictures clearly showed an incomprehensible “guest” with big, burning eyes. According to many commentators on the web, the hunter photographed this stranger.

Among other things, some extraordinary professors working with such events suggested that the so-called Rake, better known as just a rake man, could get into the frame. This creature, which is famous for its disgusting appearance and extremely unkind intentions towards people, also seems to be a classic scholar. By the way, there are quite a few people in North America who claim that Rake not only came to their house, but also attacked them.

Skeptics, in turn, did not want to think for a long time and unanimously reproached the author of the mysterious photo with the use of Photoshop for mercenary purposes. The very same creator of incredible content assures that he simply does not know how to use such programs. Moreover, the shooter noted that it was not at all easy to control with a computer.

A few days ago, the media also broke out with news of possible evidence of the existence of aliens, which, according to ufologists, landed in Antarctica. As it became known, the experts shared interesting personnel on this topic.