Unthinkable rainbow allowed the photographer from New Jersey to go down in history

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Unthinkable rainbow allowed the photographer from New Jersey to go down in history

In the United States of America there was an incredible heavenly incident captured by a professional photographer from New Jersey. A few days ago, image expert John Entwistle witnessed an amazing natural phenomenon when he was watching the sunset after a heavy rain. As the American said, an unusual rainbow with five stripes appeared in the sky. Nearby was a camera, so the man immediately filmed this beauty and hurried to send the material to the Internet, and also discussed it with his colleagues.

According to Anthvistl, nothing like him had ever seen even in photographs taken by other specialists. The remarkable situation was a real gift for the users of the World Wide Web, always ready to discuss this and traditionally divided into skeptics and followers of alternative science. Now, some seriously believe that a striking appearance may be the work of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization.

Climatology specialists, in turn, say that the number of colored sky bands is directly proportional to rainbow rarity, and almost every person once saw a single rainbow. To notice a double-type rainbow is a little more difficult, although it periodically makes itself felt. The triple rainbow is an even rarer occurrence that many have not seen. The fourth rainbow is considered a phenomenon.

As for the five-color rainbow that John saw, it was seen only a few times in the history of mankind. In other words, the photographer who shot this miracle the other day, just broke into the story.