Unusual dragon, flying near the moon at an incredible speed, led scientists into confusion

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Unusual dragon, flying near the moon at an incredible speed, led scientists into confusion

The natural satellite of the Earth has always been one of the most remarkable objects of the Solar System, both in the eyes of researchers and for ordinary Internet users interested in space-related issues. At the same time such popularity of the Moon is due not only to the fact that this celestial body is relatively close to our planet. It is no secret that near it, as on its surface, some oddities constantly appear, and this is exactly what happened once again a few days ago.

In particular, near this object, something truly incredible and similar to a dragon was discovered. In the Global Network, of course, such a remarkable incident was rushed to discuss all those who are somehow attracted to such topics.

About the incredible cosmic event reported a young man living in Moscow and captured the corresponding situation on the camera. As a certain Artyom Resnick said, he was not going to shoot anything abnormal that day, trying only to fix the moon at night on a mobile device, but at some point the guy noticed something strange.

An incomprehensible object flew along the lighted part of the earth satellite, in connection with which it was very clearly visible. Muscovite was amazed even more when he looked and realized that a strange formation very much resembles a fire-breathing creation from fairy tales. Moreover, the possible dragon on video seemed to the audience very unusual and incredibly fast, which, as a rule, does not appear in fantastic pictures. Intriguing content was created on October 18th and immediately became public.

According to the author of the mysterious material, he had never seen anything like it before. Explain a strange phenomenon eyewitness also failed. Artyom can only assume that such a turn of events may have something to do with alien life.

Resnick admitted that the heavenly incident scared him decently, so he immediately sent the video to the Web, so that not only ordinary users, but also experienced specialists who deal with similar riddles, familiarized themselves with them. The experts, in turn, didn’t make them wait for a long time, transferring the material to the far notorious YouTube-channel called UFO Institute, which was opened not so long ago, but is actively gaining popularity.

Unusual dragon, flying near the moon at an incredible speed, dismayed the scientists "typeof =" foaf: Image

Experts on unidentified flying objects, which for now have yet to understand the authenticity of the material, have already made the assumption that an extraterrestrial spacecraft, most recently noticed there quite a lot, flew past Selena.

The rather strange form of the proposed apparatus of the "green men", famous, as is known, with saucer-shaped ships, does not bother ufologists at all. As alternative scientists note, having seen enough of the most different creations of the so-called humanoids, their technologies seem to have no boundaries, which allows them to design any models of “flying saucers”.

“Take a closer look. This is a real dragon, ”wrote one of the subscribers with the nickname Penny Man.

However, not all commentators were able to support such an opinion regarding the amusing video. Many followers who clearly support the classic mindset, stopped at the hypothesis that the interesting content at first glance was fabricated by the author with the aim of light glory, which is so popular in our time.

Among other things, some skeptics noted that the object, rushed, according to Artyom, near the Moon, actually flew right next to the camera lens of a resident of the capital. Some adherents of rationalism called the mysterious appearance of an ordinary bird.

By the way, it seems that no objects near the Moon today can surprise anyone if we take into account some other points related to this celestial body. More recently, the shots of the National Space Agency found a shocking picture in the form of agricultural plots. Unprecedented shots taken by ufologists, not without difficulty, became a real sensation in the press and forced Internet thinkers to get involved in heated debates.

Unusual dragon, flying near the moon at an incredible speed, dismayed the scientists "typeof =" foaf: Image

The most interesting thing is that the department changed the range and contrast of frames where the above-mentioned entities were noticed, so the researchers had to work with the editor again to see them. Now, UFO experts believe that the evidence of alien habitat on the moon is enough. Earlier, researchers were stunned by the public with the news that there is an emerald city on the earth satellite built by the same aliens.

Unidentified flying objects recently appear wherever possible. Estimated spacecraft see aliens near different planets and stars, but the Earth, Mars, the Moon and the Sun are considered the most interesting objects of our system for them. At the same time, the giant star, experts in mysterious phenomena, do not doubt, is used by the inhabitants of other planets as a gas station.

Moreover, many unconventional scientists believe that humanoids have long built not only the near-solar bases, but also entire cities on Earth. According to some data, which so far, of course, failed to verify, representatives of extraterrestrial civilization are under the ice and waters, which allows them to remain unnoticed by humans.