Video from the rise of a huge UFO in Argentina was struck by the Internet

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Video from the rise of a huge UFO in Argentina was struck by the Internet

Unidentified flying objects that once seemed to earthlings as not particularly remarkable bright spots in the sky, either have recently become more or have begun to fly closer to people, another proof of which was the case in Argentina. A man living in the province of Mendoza talked about a mysterious phenomenon that he noticed not far from the highway, taking pictures of what happened on his smartphone. At the moment, a very remarkable incident is being intensively discussed on the Web.

As a certain Pablo Pierre told, he happened to meet with something inexplicable during a trip by car, from the window of which it was clearly visible, as a mysterious object of enormous size rises into the sky. The author of the video admitted that he had never seen anything like this before and could not say exactly what he was facing. At the same time, the Argentine does not exclude the existence of representatives of an alien civilization and wants ufologists to understand the nature of the appearance in the frame.

Pablo did not find any similarities with the aircraft or any unmanned aerial vehicle of a UFO. The eyewitness also added that the shape of the object seemed triangular. According to the author of the mysterious content, the alleged spacecraft for some time was on the ground, because its actions were very similar to takeoff. The object moved fairly quickly, but smoothly, eventually flying away in an unknown direction.

Skeptical, the World Wide Web regulars, of course, could not agree that the "flying saucer" hit the video. The main part of the adherents of traditional science simply recommended Pierre to take care of her car, in particular, periodically wash the windshield, hinting that a possible spacecraft is a common stain of dirt. Someone hastened to call what they saw the secret development of the US military.

Researchers involved in such issues have a completely different opinion on this matter. According to ufologists, an unidentified flying object is likely to be man-made and belongs to aliens. According to experts, the inhabitants of other planets, incredibly frequent in our time, the United States of America, the Russian Federation, Australia and the countries of Europe, could well take up the study of Argentine territory.

Not so long ago, in the same Argentina, a no less mysterious incident occurred, also connected with a possible invasion of aliens. As foreign journalists wrote, a guard from the city of Cordoba met the "green man" face to face, after which he could not recover for a long time. The man went to check part of the field, which for some reason was burned by something, and at some point came across something strange and frightening. In particular, the watchman noticed a creature strongly resembling a humanoid, and rushed to run with all his might. This incident was filmed on a mobile phone camera and is still being actively discussed on the Internet.