Video recording with the advent of "flying saucer" above the football stadium shook the Net

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Video recording with the advent of "flying saucer" above the football stadium shook the Net

A strange incident occurred a few days ago during a soccer game in Oakland, California. As the foreign press reports, an unidentified dark-colored object appeared right above the stadium, flying at tremendous speed and almost touching the stands. Internet users already familiar with the corresponding video have agreed that the content seems to be quite remarkable, and the gloomy phenomenon may turn out to be the spacecraft of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, who often attend sports competitions of earthlings in our time.

The mysterious incident was registered when the Oakland Raiders and Los Angeles Rams teams playing football met in an important confrontation. The cameras that broadcast the sporting event were located both at the stadium and where they could transmit the city panorama. At some point, a UFO hit the shot. Some eyewitnesses said that the object was golden in color, but in the video it appears dark. The researchers interested in similar questions immediately became interested in the interesting material. As noted by ufologists, the video is not an odd job, about the marriage of the film is not even talking. According to preliminary data of experts, near the stadium, the classic alien spacecraft, known more as a “flying saucer”, seemed to know about itself, which seemed a bit blurry due to the high speed of movement.

"I looked up, seeing something strange in the sky, and saw some object that did not look like an airplane. At first, of course, it seemed to me that it was an aircraft of the earth assembly. He was moving even faster than a fighter. I tried to understand myself "guest" visited us, but could not do it, as he did not slow down the video. Then I decided to just make some of the most spectacular screenshots in order to make them available to the public. I hoped that users who knew such questions would help me, "the owner said camera recorded unusual odd nicking

Internet thinkers, in turn, put forward a variety of assumptions. Many of them called the object the secret development of the American military, which the media will never write. There were also those who issued the working title of the mysterious invention. According to particularly intelligent users, the TR-3B appeared in the sky above the stadium. The other regulars of the Global Web do not reckon with such hypotheses, having no doubt that no earthly plane can fly so fast and maneuver so chaotically. They are sure that it was an alien ship. The biggest dreamers put forward a version according to which the “green men” just wanted to get acquainted with the rules of American football.

Interestingly, this year, during the World Cup, UFOs appeared in Russia with remarkable periodicity. And even more striking is the fact that the alleged humanoids visited precisely those cities where competitions were held.