Video with a huge UFO over Moscow hit the Russians

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Video with a huge UFO over Moscow hit the Russians

A new video appeared on the Web with a glowing UFO, which was seen in Moscow. The video is very popular on YouTube, and many users do not hide their sincere surprise from what they saw.

This happened, according to eyewitnesses, on June 9, when a flying object appeared in a thick cloudy sky over the Russian capital, which differed in very large dimensions. He maneuvered like a bird, and even in the obscure sky was visible quite clearly. It is noted that the UFO arose quite suddenly, however, in the same way it evaporated in the air.

Representatives of ufological organizations, whose verdict is as follows, have already made their comments: Muscovites managed to capture a real alien spacecraft on video. And some went even further, adding that such UFOs may be harbingers of a terrible catastrophe. The fact is that there is a version about the impending invasion of the Earth, which the aliens will soon make. Conspirologists urge people to take their word for it and prepare for the hard days of the battle for life.