Video with an incredible anomaly in Russia, which no one in the world has ever seen, dumbfounded the public

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Video with an incredible anomaly in Russia, which no one in the world has ever seen, dumbfounded the public

Strange crop circles, which are considered by some researchers as the work of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization, as a rule, most often appear in the United States of America, but nowadays they have become quite a few in Russia. In particular, the frequent alleged aliens create such art in the Krasnodar Territory. In June 2018, residents of the village of Sokolovskoye, located in the Gulkevichsky district, noticed a similar situation. The anomaly was captured on camera and sent to the World Wide Web, where numerous lovers of such puzzles, like their eternal opponents, better known as skeptics, got involved in a traditional dispute for both sides, in which the winner will never be revealed.

The mysterious arrangement of things forced the witnesses to turn to researchers living in Armavir to help them understand the nature of the birth of a strange occurrence. Experts who arrived at the appropriate place noticed a huge-sized drawing on the field, consisting of circles, waves and spirals interconnected, and still pictures taken from a bird's-eye view, like video, are being actively studied by researchers.

It is also noteworthy that the alleged "alien art" appeared next to a busy highway, but not a single driver, who was passing by, saw anything suspicious that night over the field. Adherents of traditional science, in turn, suggested that a team of any jokers with special devices designed exclusively for such activities worked at that place. However, it is not quite clear then why none of the villagers and motorists noticed these enthusiasts?

It is impossible to pass by the fact that all the stems were not cut or crushed, someone gently bent them at a distance of just a couple of centimeters above the ground. The team of researchers who took up the study of the incident, concluded that a person could achieve such a result only if he had not regretted the energy and time to bend each stem separately. It is worth noting that in this case several hundred thousand stems turned out to be damaged in this way, and no group of people can do this in a night.

But that's not all. A few months later, the mysterious story got a no less interesting sequel. In the place of the striking pattern, young wheat shoots suddenly appeared, which exactly copied the outlines of the "alien art". Scientists do not understand how this is possible and are confident that this has never happened in Russia or in any other country. Now, UFO experts are going to spend as much time and effort as is needed to finally get to the truth.

Shocking UFO video in Moscow

Previously, Russian ufologists had the opportunity to work with an incredible 1995 material. In June 2018, Spanish researchers showed how the alleged alien ship was a village in Moscow, right in front of the camera and hitting the video. The video was shown on Tercer Milenio TV.