Video with the fall of a UFO in Alaska, which experts could not explain, appeared on the Internet and surprised everyone

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Video with the fall of a UFO in Alaska, which experts could not explain, appeared on the Internet and surprised everyone

It is not a secret for anybody that recently unidentified flying objects, better known to everyone as “flying saucers”, get on the video with enviable periodicity, and in all countries. It seems that the aliens seriously took up our planet. Ufologists, at least, believe that it is they who fly on their saucer-shaped vehicles in our airspace, and continue to share relevant commercials with the public. A few days ago, for example, UFO experts called for attention to be drawn to a recent incident, one way or another also related to the subject of alien civilization.

This is a mysterious incident that occurred in Anchorage, Alaska. There the camera got an incomprehensible oblong object. Internet users who have familiarized themselves with attractive content have already been divided into two camps: those who immediately started talking about the invasion of “green men”, and those who were skeptical and would never believe that we were in the Universe. alone However, the last word, as always, will be for specialists.

According to the Russian website Life, citing foreign sources, the key witness of the incredible turn of events and the author of the video was an 18-year-old local resident named Adonus Bau. The young man said that he and his mother had entered the parking lot near their house that day and noticed an object of unknown origin in the sky, followed by two dark stripes. It seemed to be smoke.

The surprised witnesses of the shocking situation then immediately decided that a meteorite was falling, but then they doubted it. In this case, this incident occurred in front of many people, and some of them came to the conclusion that the plane was in distress.

“I thought it was a meteorite or something. However, in reality, I had never seen anything like it before, ”said Adonus.

It is worth noting that the video was filmed near the US Air Force base Elmendorf-Richardson, in connection with which its representatives also did not stand aside and commented on what happened.

As stated by spokeswoman Erin Eaton, despite the intensity of military aircraft in the relevant area, the mysterious object has nothing to do with them.

“It’s not like any of our aircraft,” says Eton, an official statement.

Representatives of the Federal Aviation Administration did not bring clarity either, adding only that the object was not very similar to an aircraft of earthly development.

Somehow, only Peter Davidson, who works at the National UFO Reporting Center, tried to explain the incomprehensible incident. According to him, it was a jet-type jet airliner, and the two strips behind it seemed to be a contrail. However, one hundred percent in his words is not sure, and Davidson.

Naturally, conspiracy experts immediately flocked to discuss a curious story with the words that an alien production spacecraft crashed in Alaska, but, according to rationally minded people, such a hypothesis could be equated to an empty sound.

UFO blast over the Bering Sea

Earlier, ufologist Scott Waring reported that the National Space Agency (NASA), apparently, has once again tried to deceive the public by reporting an explosion of a meteorite over the Bering Sea. As suggested by a researcher from Taiwan who showed the relevant photos, in fact it was an alien spacecraft, which, he believes, representatives of the department are aware of.

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