Vietnamese scared the public with a clear UFO video

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Vietnamese scared the public with a clear UFO video

Unidentified flying objects, considered evidence that aliens really exist, again declared themselves, appearing in the sky. As the Russian press reports, this time a very entertaining content in the form of a video clip with a mysterious phenomenon in the airspace of the public was demonstrated by a young man from Vietnam, who unexpectedly recorded an unusual object on a film that appeared over Bien Hoa.

Interesting shots, apparently, have become a great find not only for the author and the media, but also in the eyes of the workers of ufological companies who are currently checking the fresh material for authenticity. At the same time, the video decently frightened the World Wide Web regulars, becoming extremely popular among them, since the alleged “flying saucer” is seen quite well.

As the author of the video, with a strange unidentified object, he managed to meet a few days ago. According to a Vietnamese named Dimas Nugroho, at that moment he was in his apartment and didn’t feel anything strange until he noticed some kind of glow in the sky through the corner of his eye, after which he decided to take a closer look and was stunned. The guy saw that a strange object was hanging over the city, and it turned out to be quite easy to see. The eyewitness was very surprised and even scared, but found the strength to turn on the mobile device and film the anomalous appearance on the camera.

For a time, the possible alien apparatus remained motionless, but with its flickering, as the video creator thought, he tried to attract attention or gave some kind of signs. It is worth noting that the "explosive" movie could now not be, because the object was in the sky a few seconds after the start of shooting, and then disappeared in the blink of an eye. Nugroho does not consider himself to be skeptical and does not exclude that we in the Universe may not be alone, in connection with which he is ready to calculate what was filmed by the next invasion of "green men" into the space of earthlings. Dimas also noted that the yellowish oval is in no way associated with the solar flow of light.

“I shot this video on September 25. This is the direction to the west, so if someone thinks that I captured ordinary sunlight, I’ll immediately say that this cannot be. The light should not be so bright from this direction,” tried to explain the situation to the guy.

After a heavenly incident, a Vietnamese citizen received a message from a well-known researcher who deals with similar riddles. Ufolog strongly interested in his video and asked permission to publish an amazing creation. The author, of course, was not against it, because he himself wanted to know what actually got into the frame. However, so far the UFO expert cannot say anything concrete about this, because first he needs to carefully read the record, which is what he is doing today. The expert only noted that an unidentified object is most likely related to humanoids, and it is absolutely not a plane or other flying invention of man. The Vietnamese video can be found on the SecureTeam UFO alternative scientist channel, which boasts a million subscribers.

During the discussion of the video on YouTube, there were quite a few users who were also residents of Bien Hoa and saw an incomprehensible disc-shaped object with their own eyes. As reported by witnesses of an amazing event who are familiar with the behavior of “flying saucers”, this heavenly “guest” behaved in a very unconventional way. The fact is that the glowing wanderer practically did not move and did not fly away, dissolving in the air. In addition, no one could say exactly where the mysterious object came from. Such an arrangement surprised and alarmed eyewitnesses who had already made several assumptions about this.

According to some commentators, in the Vietnamese airspace there was not only the appearance of a spacecraft of foreign development, but also the most paranormal phenomenon, and such a conclusion suggests itself because of the sudden disappearance. According to one of the hypotheses of the supporters of mysticism, it was a ship of aliens traveling in different dimensions. According to them, in front of the townspeople, the aliens could even go to the past or the future, but it was simply impossible to answer the corresponding question.

Another opinion of Internet users says that in fact the alien inhabitants did not disappear anywhere, but simply disguised themselves, realizing that they were noticed. And this assumption, according to UFO experts, sounds quite truthful, because aliens, who are clearly ahead of people in development, constantly use this disguise.

In May of this year, a similar incident occurred in Scotland, when an amateur photographer captured an unidentified flying object during an ordinary walk. The man simply photographed the beauty of nature and saw a strange phenomenon in the pictures only after returning home. The author of the amazing content was very surprised, because the quality of the photos was quite good, due to which the object turned out to be clear. Local residents were then frightened by the fact that an enormous-sized alien apparatus was flying to their vicinity. The Scotsman, in turn, was surprised for another reason. In particular, the man could not understand how the alleged flying saucer could remain invisible to him when he simply looked at the heavens. This story also became another proof that the aliens can either hide well or teleport.

Interestingly, some ufologists have long said that humanoids can live not on other planets, but in parallel worlds. Among other things, the researchers do not exclude that they occasionally drop in to help us, but unfortunately we don’t understand their signs.