"Yuryev night" in honor of the first space flight of Gagarin is celebrated in dozens of countries

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"Yuryev night" in honor of the first space flight of Gagarin is celebrated in dozens of countries

From April 6 to April 14, the St. George's Night event will take place in different countries of the world in memory of the legendary Soviet space pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union, Yuri Gagarin. As it became known from the words of the program coordinator in Los Angeles, Rick Hanton, at the moment the number of registered events on this topic has already exceeded one hundred.

“The latest data shows that 122 events have been registered on the yurisnight.net website as part of the“ St. George's Night ”campaign. This number, apparently, will increase, ”said Henton.

46 such events will be held in European countries, 15 are planned in Asia, 6 – in Latin America, 26 – in the United States of America.

The California Science Center in Los Angeles will host one of these events, which will be attended by experienced American astronaut Storey Musgrave, who participated in space missions six times. The organizers said that their event was timed to three truly historical events in the history of mankind: the 58th anniversary of the first space flight of Yuri Gagarin (April 12, 1961), the 50th anniversary of the first man’s landing on the Moon (1969) and the 38th anniversary debut launch of the American space vessel Space Shuttle (April 12, 1981).

In addition to Los Angeles, the great Gagarin will be commemorated at the Discovery Center of the US Space Foundation, located in the city of Colorado Springs, the Museum of Aviation and Space in the US capital, the Space Center in Florida, and at the Amundsen – Scott research base built in the poles.

“Yuryev night” began to be celebrated annually in 2001, and it has since become quite popular. The main goal is to attract people to space issues, especially young people.

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